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Five Free Methods For Attracting Qualified Prospects

Five Free Methods For Attracting Qualified Prospects
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Five Free Methods For Attracting Qualified Prospects

As the old saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat". You can always spend more money on getting visitors to look at your business and most sites specializing in this method of traffic generation will be more than happy to accommodate you. The going rates range from $89 and up depending on the amount of visitors you are requesting.

The question that arises is this: Which is better for your business, visitors who are thrust in front of your business, but aren't particularly interested in what you have to offer? Or pre-qualified prospects who are scouring the internet in search of what your business provides? Pre-qualified prospects are fuel for the engine your business opportunity represents. So if your gas gauge is a little low, then consider these free methods:

1. Give away a free subscription to your e-zine.
With all the tools currently available for publishing an e-zine, you can start your own and give something extra along with the free subscription.

2. Offer a free e-book. An e-book filled with rich useful content can contain ads for your own business and help to establish trust with your prospects. You could write your own or ask permission from other writers to use their articles. For an example click here

3. Let visitors download free software. It could be freeware, shareware, demos, etc. You could even turn your site into a free software directory. If you created the software, include an ad for your business inside and let other people give it away. Many sites are employing this method and it is incredibly effective.

4. Provide up-to-date and original content to your visitors for free. You could also offer people the option of reprinting the content in their e-zine or website.

5. Offer a free online directory. The directory could be full of interesting e-books, e-zines, websites, etc. If people find your directory to be a valuable resource, they will visit it again and again. Search engines especially favor lots of good relevant content.

So there you have it! 5 free methods for attracting qualified visitors to your business opportunity. If you are on a tight budget or have no budget right now to pay for advertising, these methods will certainly more than compensate. It won't happen overnight, but once it begins to stick your business and your profits will skyrocket.

In the long run your site will have a constant and steadily increasing flow of traffic, because it will have gone from being just another business opportunity website to becoming a valuable and trusted resource. To learn more about attracting qualified prospects to your website visit:

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