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Your Success Is Waiting

Your Success Is Waiting
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"Someday my ship will come in". This is unquestionably a phrase many of us have heard or maybe even said at one time or another in our lives. With all of the difficulties that life presents around us on a daily basis can we really expect that someday our ship will come in?

Despite the problems that exist is it possible that maybe our 'Ship' has been at the dock for some time? Is there any argument that we can present to justify such thinking? What benefits can we derive from such an outlook? Is our success waiting?

For starters let's examine the meaning of the word success. According to the definition by Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, success is defined as the attainment of wealth, favor or prominence. At first glance it would seem that becoming successful would mean that we would be living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but is that the case? Is money or the acquisition of material goods an accurate measure of success?

Interestingly enough in connection with many of the business opportunities available on the internet, it has been said that if money were all we were looking for, we would need to find a stronger reason for pursuing our interests. When was the last time we went on a real vacation (I'm not talking about staying home for a week to do some work around the house :-), but taking a two or three week respite from the daily grind? How often do our children or other family members get to enjoy spending quality time with us? Is there a cause or something bigger than us that we would enjoy contributing to, from a mental, emotional, or spiritual standpoint?

The point is that if any of the above mentioned thoughts are true of us, than maybe, just maybe, our ship has been at the dock the whole time, and because of the distractions and anxieties of the worlds view of success; we either never noticed it or were simply sidetracked.

As entrepreneurs we don't wish for opportunities, but constantly look for ways to create them. Rather than waiting for our ship to come in, we make every effort to swim out to it. Success always seems more attainable when you are in the drivers seat as opposed to being driven wherever wishful thinking takes you.

Success is not a fairy tale, but an out and out reality depending on how you measure it. So in conclusion, whatever business it is your pursuing, if it has a system, follow it. If it requires getting educated so as to understand it, use the tools provided and do it. Stay focused, don't give up. As the old saying goes: 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Why? Because YOUR success is waiting.

Your Success is waiting

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