Saturday, February 9, 2008

If You Have The Desire To Succeed What Are You Gonna Do About It?

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Recently I was asked a question that really helped me put things in perspective, not only for the person asking, but for myself as well. The question was: "If everyone participating in the same program as myself, has the same information and tools that I have and even looks the same as me, then how can I succeed in separating myself from the pack?" Excellent question.

The answer my audience expected and the one I gave, I could tell was definitely, unexpected. As a matter of fact the thought probably hadn't even crossed their mind. Probably because it was so simple. A million guesses are probably going through your head right now and I can tell you this; the gurus', the super affiliates, the experts and the top marketers already know what it is.

Wanna know? Sure you do. Can you handle the truth?

The answer quite simply is: Desire. Expecting some eloquently expressed jargon sprinkled with magic dust? Of course not. That's silly you might say. However there is unfortunately evidence to support the fact that some people are looking for success to come at the push of a button. Like a microwave. Sign up put the business opportunity in and 30 seconds later, SUCCESS!

Wouldn't it be great if it happened that way? There certainly would be alot more people on the beach on monday. Truth is that your desire is unique to you. You know your circumstances and only you can determine how much effort you're willing to put out to change them. Think about this. Many of the top money earners in the internet marketing field have only been at it for about 10yrs or so. Some a little more, some a little less. In just 10 years they have been able to unlock keys and strategies to create massive wealth. Now, many of the most reputable marketers are looking to share their secrets with you. Will you have to spend as much money and time as they have to enjoy the same rewards? Do what successful people do and get what they get.

How do you know if your mentor is doing what they tell you to do? If they are telling you to write articles and post them everywhere than you should be bumping into their articles everywhere. Create a website? Free advertising? Text ads? Co-ops?

Many of us have been told to get a good education so that we can get a good job and live the good life. If this blueprint for success worked the way we're told it would, than why isn't everyone who spends their hard-earned money or who takes out a hefty loan not successful? Working in the automotive field for 20+ yrs has given me the privelege of working shoulder to shoulder with some brilliant individuals who couldn't find a job in their chosen field of study despite the amount of debt they went into to acquire the knowledge they needed to succeed. Was it the education that failed them? Didn't they have the same textbooks and teacher as everyone else?

To borrow a quote from a famous stock car driver: "It ain't the guy with the fastest car that wins the race, it's the guy that refuses to lose".
How many successful people in the world would there be if everyone stood by waiting for someone else to win? The bottom line is YOU CAN WIN! You are probably winning right now and don't even realize it.

Did you get good at your job because someone else was good? or was it because you decided to get good? Have you reared children to become successful adults that you're proud of? Did you need approval from someone else before you did it? Of course not. The point is this: make the decision to succeed no matter what is going on around you and you will succeed. The difference between you and the other guy or gal is going to come down to your relentless attitude to make it work. There are not too many secrets on the super information highway. If you are serious about your success than you will find the information that will take you there.

If the person mentoring you in the program you're in has made it plain in terms of what to do to achieve the same success, than you need to ask yourself, does my desire measure up?
Read and re-read their success story. Success leaves clues. In todays online marketing environment you have as much chance as the next person to succeed. Be reasonable about your expectations. There are many offers of success-in-a-box, haven't seen any labeled "guaranteed millions in 30 days" in a box. And if you do see that there should be some red flags going up. Notice the disclaimers presented at the bottom of all the businesses out there. Who knows how hard you're gonna work or what will do? ONLY YOU DO.

Claim your success and take responsibility for it. You've already done so throughout your life and probably for others more so than for yourself. You have what it takes, so put it to work for you and be that someone else for someone else. If you don't like it you could always go back. Your success is in your hands and it's waiting. If you have the desire to succeed, what are you gonna do about it?
Your Success Is Waiting,
Fernando Morales

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