Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Applied Some Good Advice

Fernando Morales

Just recently I happened to come across an excellent internet marketing blog and got some really good advice as far as increasing page rank and getting traffic to my site.

The name of the site is: http://www.markflavinblog.com/
Here is guy who really knows his stuff and is not afraid to share what he knows. Check it out.

Anyway his advice was to use what he called the google news trick. You would not believe how effective it is and how simple as well. From the time I posted my article which was on saturday afternoon until that same evening, it had been posted and the results were amazing. See for yourself. It was at the top of this page on Saturday. Today is Tuesday:

The title of the article is - Unexpected Job Cuts Make Proven Home Business Ideas A Viable Option


For further details about how to take advantage of this tactic visit:


Give it a try. Until next time.

Your Success Is Waiting,
Fernando Morales