Sunday, March 2, 2008

Plan To Win At Internet Marketing

Plan To Win At Internet Marketing
by Fernando Morales

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there".

Many an internet marketer begins their journey full of hopes and dreams only to find themselves cancelling their membership as an affiliate a few short months later. Armed with determination and a strong desire to succeed they jump right in and fail.

What do the most successful companies on and offline have in common? A well written executable plan to win. Without an executable plan and by that i mean a plan that you can realistically work, your chance at succeeding online will simply be a mere wish.

Good planning takes into account what the objectives for accomplishing your goal are, the tools you will need to make it happen and the amount of time needed to succeed. While making a fortune on the internet is attainable, it still requires work. If you're looking to make serious money then make a serious plan.

Plan to win at internet marketing by charting a course that allows you to monitor your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This need not be complicated because to put it quite simply you don't have time for that. What to do:

1. Get yourself a notebook-

To keep it simple, your going to write in the left hand margin "Things To Do". In this column jot down what is most important for you to accomplish at the moment.

How many backlinks are you going to get today? How many articles are you going to write today? Which site needs more links? Do some SEO for page ranking, and the list goes on.

The key here is to create a manageable and realistic workload for yourself. Don't overwhelm yourself. If your going to write an article try to submit it to 5-10 directories and if it doesn't happen that day then let it carry over to the next day. Be reasonable with your expectations.
That's just an example. Maybe your using an article submission service, so how many articles are going to write? I think you get the point.

2. What Did You Do?-

This would go right at the top of the page. As you attack your plan, jot down what you're doing as you go. Nothing kills frustration better than a good executable plan. As you sink your time and effort into your business you are now better equipped to chart your progress at the end of the day. Having a plan gives you the opportunity to set realistic goals for achieving the success you desire. As a result you will be able to give yourself deadlines.

Regardless of the kind of marketing techniques you're using you will be able to see exactly what you've accomplished in a given day, week or month. With this information you can see if you're projection to quit your job and go full time at home will be realized or not. If not then you know based on your records what you need to do.

At the end of the day your results will either accuse or excuse you and if you are taking responsibility for your success then you cannot fail because, you made a plan to win at internet marketing.

Your Success Is Waiting,
Fernando Morales

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