Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 Reasons Why Every New Affiliate Is One Check Away From Quitting

Fernando Morales

The average affiliate is one commission check away from quitting online. Someone new to affiliate marketing is more likely to quit in the first 30 to 60 days if there is no immediate success. Immediate success does not have to come from a million dollar check because that is obviously unrealistic, but what about a check for $20? $40?

It is not unrealistic to make $100 in your first week or two weeks in business. So why doesn't it happen? Three Reasons.

Reason #1
Unrealistic Expectations

Isn't it true that the majority of complaints among new affiliates is that they have been working their business hard for at least a week or two and yet there is still no armored car backing up a truck load of cash to their door? Where do such unrealistic expectations come from? Over sensationalized, fluff filled adcopy boasting immediate success without a back up plan.
Who cares about how many people you signed up if they're all gone in 30-60 days?

Reason #2
Inferior Training and Support

There are unfortunately many good programs and concepts that never reach their fullest potential because the training provided is often superficial at best.

Let's say a program comes complete with a 30 day to success manual for building a massive passive residual income. In this manual clearly workable strategies are outlined to assist a new affiliate on the road to untold riches and fortune, but somehow that success doesn't materialize.
Why? well although the strategy was clearly presented, the details that drive the engine to make it work was not. In the end it just turns out to be good advice and nothing more.

If SEO works so well, than give clear direction as to how to implement it. If you're gonna give us the cart than you might as well give us the horse to pull it along. If there is a clear advantage in applying link strategies, than provide step by step instructions with screen shots or videos.

Article writing is a major weapon in the arsenal of the super affiliate, but it's power and effectiveness can be watered down to a mere after thought without crystal clear direction as to how to do it. If anyone is listening out there, please say something.

Reason #3
Information Overload

Either too much is said or not enough. In the case of affiliate marketing today, either no one tells you anything or everyone tells you everything. There are some really excellent products satisfying many niches in the internet marketing industry. However for every good product there are 10 others just like it albeit with subtle differences. With all that information rushing the email inboxes of new affiliates like a speeding locomotive late to pick up it's monday morning commuters, the only thing produced is confusion. The fact is, when people are confused, they do absolutely nothing. The problem is, if that lack of activity continues to perpetuate itself you'll soon be down another affiliate and if you enjoy the traffic that they're working so hard to bring, losing affiliates is not a luxury you can afford.

Is there a Solution?
Get excited about telling the truth about affiliate marketing and the real success that awaits anyone who is willing to work without embelleshing it.

Give your money making secrets and experience away to the people who are investing in your vision. If the goal is to gain bragging rights for helping the most people to become millionaires or whatever it is, than don't over sensationalize, barrage or berate. Just back it up. You'll only get richer.

Provide clear and understandable structure to the average everyday joes' routine so that everyone benefits. People are used to the structure of their 9 - 5 routine, build your training structure so that it caters to the one strength they already possess and watch your productivity and success rate skyrocket.

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