Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Real Truth About Making Millions On The Internet

Fernando Morales

Are people really making millions on the internet? There is a saying that goes "A journey of million miles must first begin with a single step". Similarly, it would be reasonable to say that earning a million dollars online would start with earning the first dollar.

Affiliate marketing is unquestionably becoming an increasingly popular business model and as such has drawn much attention to itself recently. Unexpected job cuts and an unstable economy have revealed to many in the traditional work force that job security is indeed a fading reality.

As job opportunities are slowly decreasing; online opportunities are rapidly increasing. Despite the increasing opportunities available on the internet, skepticism abounds due to the amount of bogus claims that you can make millions overnite. However the real underlying truth with regards to making millions on the internet is that it has happened and will continue to do so.

The Shocking Yet Simple Truth

Anyone can make millions on the internet. The question is: "Will you put in the time and effort needed to produce such results?". If you visit some of the marketing forums, the details of how such fortunes are amassed by some of the worlds' most successful affiliate marketers are disclosed. Interestingly enough, no one claims to have generated their fortunes overnite.

Excerpts from marketing forums:

"I'm not sure how many people you will get who would be willing to disclose an actual dollar amount they have generated in their time in the affiliate marketing world, but I can assure you there are many out there who have earned hundreds of thousands and even millions doing affiliate marketing. If you can find the right offers and right source of traffic to drive to these offers, then the money is there. It's all a matter of figuring out what you are capable of doing and dedicating yourself to perfecting it. Don't be discouraged if the big dollars don't poor in right away. Quite often it takes time for the steady income to pour in and increase. "

"Plenty of people make thousands per month.
And a handful make millions.
Hang around and learn the tricks.
It's not that easy"

"I agree with Judy about the focus and sidetrack issues (and information overload/confusion)".

"I would add Lack of Planning and Short Term Goals (which ultimately leads to loss of focus)".

"Also Half-Hearted Efforts (along with Poor Communication Skills). By that I mean people stick up some poor excuse for a site and wonder why it fails. No testing - no studying others - no real effort to fix it and make it succeed".

"So in that vein, here is a PDF report that tells some of the details of how I started from very humble beginnings. This is very personal stuff, and it made a big impact on a lot of people when I released it":

"One last piece of advice... don't get trapped analyzing everything
(analyses paralyses) or you'll never get anywhere. You just need to
get on with it and start creating "something". Even if the first version
or first draft sucks at least you now have something to work with and
to improve upon and fine tune. Just sitting around thinking about it
isn't going to do much, you need to just dive in and do it".

"I see a lot of people that spend too much time analyzing everything.
Do you realize how many good ideas die and disappear because
of lack of action? "

In many cases, years of trial and error, persistance and patience and an overall desire to succeed in the face of failure produced the final outcome, of which we are able to read about and benefit from today. Examine the experience of one such highly successful marketer here

The so called "secrets" are not really secrets at all, but rather the time tested techniques and principles that produce guaranteed results through focused and committed action. By developing habits that include applying these techniques and principles, can the attaining of millions on the internet ever be realized.

In conclusion:

Making millions on the internet is a reality that many have achieved and many more will achieve. By taking the right steps and committing yourself to succeeding no matter what obstacles your confronted with, will the reality of making millions on the internet become yours. Find the right vehicle that appeals to you and begin your journey to millions by making your first dollar as an affiliate marketer today.

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