Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guaranteed Quality Backlinks Fast Without Spending a Dime!

With the standards and criteria constantly changing, seo is still a very worthwhile subject of attention in connection with the visibility of your website to potential visitors. The most attractive feature being the increase of profitability with no out of pocket expense.

Building quality backlinks is very crucial for Search Engine Optimization, and it should be given the importance it deserves. Understanding the importance of backlinks can make or break your efforts to drive traffic to your website.

Backlinking can help you, but it can hurt you as well. Just because a website has your link on it does not mean that it helps you out every time. It's only good if the site that you have your link on is related somehow to your website and has a good page rank. Getting your link posted on a site that has nothing to do with your site is not going to help you.

Two Important Steps You Can Take Right Now

Step 1. Choose a keyword phrase and optimize your website with it.
Choosing a keyword phrase needs to happen first. A well considered keyword phrase will provide a focus for your marketing campaign. You will also need it to be the anchor text for all the links that you will be building. Make sure you pick a phrase that has actually been searched for in the search engines.

Step 2. Write 8-10 articles in your niche, plant a link to your website in the author resource box with your keyword phrase as the anchor text, and submit them to article directories.
Article marketing is by far the most value-adding and effective approach to building backlinks. You are providing resources to the general public and at the same time building your websites credibility with the search engines. This helps build our sites reputation and authority amongst our peers and potential partners.

Article writing should be repeated over and over again consistently. The goal to shoot for is to submit two articles a week. It is best if you can write the articles yourself. If not, for the sake of marketing your website efficiently, you probably should consider getting them ghost-written and submit them (or have them submitted) to as many article directories as possible.

Regardless of what your normal pace of writing articles is, consider starting a backlink building campaign as soon as next month. Have 8-10 articles ready, whether written by yourself or purchased, and submit them to 100 article directories, whether by yourself or through a hired service. This will jump start your backlink building process and start the momentum of traffic generating.

The simple process of gaining quality backlinks as fast as possible can determine whether the success of your website comes now or later. In addition to submitting articles, there are numerous free and paid directories to which you can submit your site to as well. One such resource to have in your back link tool kit can be found at :


Another resource for gaining quality backlinks is located here:


At this site you are able to review the potential partners website you wish to link to as well as their page rank. A link from a 1 site with a high page rank of 5 or better is equal to the value of 10 sites with a rank of 1. However the more links the better so don't discount sites that may increase their rank in the near future.

For more information and additional resources regarding backlinks and backlinking strategies to increase your websites visibility and profitability go to http://www.HomeBiz-Internet.com/powerlinking.htm