Monday, May 12, 2008

Is This Success Killer Affecting You?

Fernando Morales

Many of us have visions of incredible success and those pictures are more vividly painted by the promise of new products and services as well those who make them.

The advertising is incredibly effective and based on the reality that a select few have experienced. Select Few? It is true that the internet marketing arena can allow anyone to become fabulously wealthy, however for some of us it doesn't happen. Why?

There is a success killer that has the ability to affect anyone it comes in contact with and you and I are no exception. You have been affected by it at one time or another and only those select few who can fight it off or at least keep it under control; win!

The success killer is able to weed its way in and out of our daily routine and the worse part about it is it flies in under the radar undetected. The success killer is "Distraction". Anyone of us at anytime can become so distracted by our past experiences or present problems that we can literally derail ourselves.

To give you a brief example. As I sat down to take advantage of my day off and work at driving traffic to my main website, I made the mistake of checking my email first. If there is ever a way to guarantee distraction it's by checking email. There are so many offers of new products, correspondence from fellow marketers, bills and on and on, before you know it a couple of hours go by and I haven't done what I've intended to do.

I used myself as an example because they say when you point the finger at someone there's always three pointing back at you. The point is distraction can come in many forms and bring a speeding locomotive to a hault, sometimes abruptly. The secret to success especially when trying to get a foot hold in a new venture will come from being able to control or manage those distractions so as to keep moving forward.

I heard an excellent statement today from a very successful marketer, Stephen Pierce and he said: "You wil never change what's in your hand until you change what's in your head". If you think about that for a moment and let it sink in, that's quite a powerful statement. How many times have you had a great idea, but didn't act on it?
Only to see it appear with someone else's name in the credits.

If I had a dollar for every time that happened, I'd probably be writing this from a more pleasant atmosphere right now:-)

The truth is you and I have the ability to get control of this success killer and live in the vivid picture that we paint for ourselves when we think of the possibilities that are before us. The real question becomes: Will we? The one surefire weapon that comes to mind in the battle against the success killer is committment.

Get committed to taking positive forward moving action even when you don't feel like it. If you've ever walked against a driving wind, the only way you were able to keep moving forward was by making the extra effort needed to keep from being blown away. Similarly, the extra effort we make against the driving wind of distraction will see us standing securely at the destination we were focused on.

The purpose of this post is just to give you something to think about and meditate on as you continue to pursue your goals and aspirations. Success begins and ends with what's in your head. The money and material possessions are simply the by product.

Check out the product I am going to recommend, as the source from where it's coming from is top notch and can, If you allow, change your thinking for the better, sharpening and putting fuller color to your hopes and dreams, that you can turn into reality.

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It's time to put the success killer behind bars so that we can move on to more important things. Your success is waiting and don't let the success killer keep you from making that appointment.

Fernando Morales
Twilight Warrior