Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm New To Internet Marketing What Could I Possibly Write About?

Article marketing is definitely the order of the day when it comes to marketing online effectively. Despite it's effectiveness, many online entrepreneurs don't fully utilize it. Why?

They say, (and when I say they say I'm talking about people like, Allen Says, Sean Mize, Fabian Tan, Stone Evans,Travis Sago, etc, etc..) that writing articles is great way of establishing your credibility as an expert on line, but what about when you're brand new and you have no credibility?

Persons new to internet marketing (newbies for short) tend to shy away from this form of traffic generation the same way people avoid public speaking. The fear is definitely real, but is what they're thinking true?

No matter where you go anywhere in the world, there isn't one individual that lacks credibility. Think about it, if someone was involved in substance abuse or just a flat out bum on the street, only they could tell you from their personal experience what that's all about especially if you've never been there.

Now on the other hand if you've had sales experience, whether it be in Macy's or Mcdonalds you have enough credibility to speak or write from that platform, especially if you've been there a few years.

So don't let the big product launch salesletters or guru talk in the forums intimidate you.

There is a simple cure for bridging the gap between being a newbie and establishing credibility as an expert. READ. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Pick an article directory like Ezine Articles and read some of the articles on the various topics in your niche, visit the forums and immerse yourself in the culture of internet marketing. Before you know it you'll become a walking, talking billboard for the subject fo which you were once afraid.

In connection with all your reading and research, try the tactics, test the tecniques and before long your experience will more than qualify you as an expert in your field.

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