Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Report That Could Change Your Life

There is a very big misconception about doing business online vs. offline. To begin with business is business. Anytime monies are exchanged for goods and services of equal or greater value, business is being done.

Much of the advertising online has led individuals to believe that there is far less work involved online than off. As a result of this growing misconception, mass disappointment permeates the various marketing forums online.

Disgruntled marketers complain about the lack of success they are achieving despite the fact that they are doing exactly what they are being told to do to succeed. However, that is exactly what the problem is.

When you look at what is entailed with building a business online, it is no wonder that many people get overwhelmed, frustrated and eventually quit.

Consider briefly some of the activities that need to be accomplished. There is article writing, ebooks, software, graphics, blogging, list building, tracking, link building, SEO, copywriting, and somewhere in the middle of all of that you're supposed to have a life!

Not too long ago I was feeling frustrated and burned out as I attempted to keep up with all of these things and it seemed like it was just impossible. I stopped blogging for awhile as you can tell by my last post on this blog and contemplated throwing in the towel.

But just as I was about to pack it in, I came across a very powerful report that completely and accurately identified with my situation and put everything into perspective for me. It is my hope that it will have the same beneficial effect on you as well, even if you're nowhere near where I was.

The report is written by Rich Schefren one of the Internet's most renown marketers and advisor to the 'gurus'. This report breaks down the complete business building process and reestablishes what is most important. Your sanity.

Check it out at the link below. You'll have to opt-in to get it, but it's completely FREE.

As I work to reestablish contact from this blog maybe you can share your thoughts about it by leaving a comment.

I hope it does as much good for you as it did for me.

Til Next Time,