Monday, November 24, 2008

3 More Days til The Biggest Firesale Is Gone

There are only three days left to the biggest event in internet marketing history. Vince Tan's Biggest Firesale is about to be closed down for good - in fact, there?s only 3 days left. This has actually caused quite a stir in the Internet marketing world because Vince has been giving away best selling products of over 100 top marketers. And apparently a few of them are none too pleased about it :(

Biggest Firesale

You see, the products in this firesale are the very same top products these gurus are selling every single day - and with Vince and his firesale in the picture, they're losing money.So yeah... they're not too happy with Vince and they're putting the screws to him to close it all down now. You've got 3 days left before it's all gone for good.

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All my best,
Fernando Morales

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