Monday, April 20, 2009

The Vanishing Degree Of Options To A Secure Financial Future

Everyday the rat race seems to get worse as the economy continues to plunge men and women from all walks of life into a situation of desperation and uncertainty. All the talk about an economic stimulus has only served to stimulate the imagination but not the pocket book.

Prices go up, prices go down, but the paycheck stays the same. At least that's how it was for a little while, now the paycheck goes away due to layoffs and downsizing. Are we in a recession? What do you think?

Is it staged? Who knows, but the point of the matter is that the degree of options that once existed for creating financial security has indeed shrunk and unless you take some measures to fight back, it ain't getting any better.

So is there anywhere a person can turn for a clear shot at avoiding the calamities that await? At one point you could consider going back to school to further your education to get an extra couple thousand dollars on your paycheck and keep your job, but who's got money and time for school?

Once upon a time you could consider opening some kind of brick and mortar business to make a better way, but who has the resources to make that happen right now?

There's always working another job to make up for the expenses the first one alone can't cover, but that's only available to individuals who don't mind working at Wendy's in the morning and Taco Bell at night. Hey if you work at either one, that's fine, but financial security is a long way off, if there is nothing else going on.

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