Sunday, October 11, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - Tips for Higher Rankings

The constantly sought after first page of the search engines is somewhat like an elusive challenge for those who choose to use search engine optimization strategies as a way of making money online.

In light of the various factors that come into play when you're trying to garner a top search engine ranking for a profitable keyword, there are only a few necessary key tips that can help you to get a better ranking for your site.

The first tip is to make sure that you use your keyword in the title of your site to attract the attention of the search engines. Placing your keywords in the title also tells the software that the search engines utilize, what your site is about.

Another search engine marketing tip you can beef up your rankings with is to use h1 tags or header tags as these highlight to the search engines the importance of your keyword. If the search engines recognize the emphasis you place on your keyword than you will have a better opportunity of appearing early in the search results.

Use keywords that are relevant to your content and develop content that is relevant to your keyword. If you are focusing on dog training collars, an article that is centered around cat beds is not going to do much to boost your rankings any.

Don't use your keywords in a way that makes your content come across as spammy. If you write a 300 word article, than it's best to limit the use of your keyword to two or three occurences. In addition to properly sprinkling your keyword throughout your articles, it is vital to keep in mind that real people will be reading your material.

If your written material cannot be readily understood by your audience than monetizing your website or blog will be nearly impossible.

Seo is a very detailed process and what we've discussed so far, has focused more on the onpage optimization part of seo.

To really increase your sites positioning in the search engines, proper off page optimization can take your income to another level. The only problem with offpage optimization strategies is that they can either get you banned from the search engines or eat up alot of your time.

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