Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Targeted Traffic Free That Clicks Your Affiliate Links And Makes You Money

To make more money with affiliate marketing promoting clickbank products, you need to spend more time getting targeted traffic that will click on your affiliate link.

Targeted traffic is the separator between affiliates who make a generous living online and those who struggle to convert on their offers.

There are so many different ways that you can attract targeted buying traffic to your affiliate link, some are free and others are paid, but the best one to start with is article marketing.

Article marketing is one of the best methods for applying seo tactics that can help your content easily catch the attention of the search engines for better rankings and overall traffic.

Listed below are four areas that you can work on to improve your contents visibility in the search engines and make more money promoting clickbank products.

They include:



Anchor Text

Related Keywords

Let's talk about the title of your article briefly. Placing your main keyword at the beginning of your title is very important.

Search engines frequently analyze and index article directory content due to the frequency of submissions, so if your article title prominantly displays your main keyword you will rank much better in the search engines.

Not only will the search bots know what your article contains, but the keyword rich title is the clickable link that internet surfers will see when they type your targeted keyword.

Entice them into clicking the link to your article.

Good headlines are closely related to the subject of keyword rich titles. A benefit driven article title will easily capture the attention of your reader making them think "aha! that's the information I'm looking for.

If you want to generate positive cash flow from your article marketing efforts it's important that your article title deliver on the promise in the title.

Off page SEO or the amount of external links that are pointing to your website is crucial to ensuring that your articles rank well in the search engines.

If you want to get the most benefit from your article marketing efforts, it is of the utmost importance that you try to include your main keyword in your anchor text.

This is the link that people will click on after having read your article in order to visit the site of the affiliate product you're promoting.

Next, use related secondary keywords that further enhance the value of your articles in the eyes of your target market as well as ensuring optimal search engine rankings.

Granted there is no such thing as absolutely free traffic because you'll either pay with time or money, but if you're just getting started and working your way up to paid methods, writing SEO rich articles can help you in getting targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

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